Is time really linear? What is the solution for a fractal world?

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In technical analysis and elsewhere we often employ linear tools to solve our day today problems. But if anyone who has looked at Universe, would agree that this world is not at all linear at any level or any dimension whatsoever but rather fractal . ( Just in case if you don't know what a fractal is, search fractal on youtube and watch top 10-20 videos).

We just assume that linear tools would work and solve our problems. But a solution can only be considered a solution when it works for everyone under most situations. For example, ask any second class pass student world wide what is 2+2, they all will always give the same answer 4. But pick up any 2 technical analysts and show then the same chart, 70% chance is that they will differ! What is the issue? Is the application of technical analysis wrong, or is it technical analysis itself is not at a stage where every TA can say 2+ 2 is 4?

So I was talking about linear tools and fractal world. It is indeed true that except for the Elliott wave every other tool which we use to understand the chart is linear. Whereas we all know that market is a fractal . This could be one reason of failure. But then even Elliott wave just accepts the fact that market is fractal , when it comes to providing a definitive solution, it too falls short, Its quite evident that 2 EW experts more often than not will differ in their counts.

We human beings treat even time as linear. We have divided 1 year into exact 365 days based on rotation of earth around the sun, and once in 4 years add an extra day for some marginal error. Our hours, minutes and seconds are equally divided.

But if you really look closely, earth's speed actually varies around the sun throughout the year. Earth does not revolve in a circular path, but rather an oval path, and so does every other planet and even moon around the earth and electrons around the nucleus of an atom. As Einstein theory of relativity puts time, space and gravity into correct perspective, it is well known to scientists and physicists that time is NOT linear but is rather relative, and not only relative, it is a fractal!

More on this later...

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