Nifty: 12th August Weekly expiry view

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

- Nifty managed to close in the green; however Index Futures OI reduced by 3.62%
- if Nifty trades below 16325 then it would form lower top - lower bottom in ultra short term and could increase probability of short term down trend
- however given it is weekly expiry day, an extension in morning trade towards 15340 / 15359 can not be ruled out.

Chart and data analysis suggest, it could be day of testing patience and nerves where it could boil down to last 1 hour of trade

Important levels on the upside 16320 / 16359 / 16420

Important levels on the downside 16218 / 16194/ 16140

Take care & safe trading...!!!

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- Do take proper risk management measures
- Do your own analysis and consult your financial adviser if need be

As suggested Nifty has done a 16359 in 1st half of the day...

Strategy suggested

Consider selling 26 August expiry 16500 Call option currently around 70

Strategy gives protection for a rise in Nifty price up to 16570

Take care & safe trading...!!!