Wed 11 Jan Nifty timewave view

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
So as you must have noticed on 2nd Jan itself Timewave had predicted Nifty will remain upward at least till 10th Jan, and look, in spite of FIIs selling throughout, some trend lines being broken, so many bearish views from fellow traders and analysts, negative news flows, Nifty slowly and steadily kept moving upward exactly as predicted by Timewave.

Today Nifty indicated that its not going to stop at and turn down here on 10th, but is up again till next turn date 12th Jan!

In the chart above I have indicated two positions which I had taken along the way, one of 2nd Jan at 8190 and second on 6th Jan at 8250. Both are in profits.

Timewave does demand some patience. Its not an intraday thing, but a hugely rewarding one.

Trade active: Nifty is opening right at my first target 8327, continue to hold.
Trade active: Second target 8377 also almost achieved, continue to hold.
Trade active: Third target is 8444.
Trade active: Carry forward.


great timewave analysis.....
Second target 8377 also almost achieved, continue to hold.
sir please arrnage one class room version of your timewave strategy....we want to learn from you
pankajvw biswapriyo90
@biswapriyo90, Keep following my blog. When I will be ready with software and material, I will announce it there.
Thankyour very much sir, is this astrology basis u come with time wave or gann theory based. In Gann also similar kind of gann turn day will be made. If astrology based then there do u think there is a base or logic in this. This can also be wrong if there is no base. Can i also learn this subject of timewave, if so can u please suggest any books or course in this.
pankajvw Sathaiah
@Sathaiah, This is astrology based and I have discovered it. Gann is not even close. You can read the complete details here:
HappyVijay pankajvw
@pankajvw, So when is Next Turn Date ? I mean when market will start down journey ?
pankajvw HappyVijay
@HappyVijay, tomorrow 12th Jan
HappyVijay pankajvw
@pankajvw, Sorry You have allready posted it , 12th Jan, So will it hit your 3rd Target too ??? Wow ?