Nifty - Sell The Wedge -Below 15820 Target-15700

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Short Term View -Sell Nifty Below 15820 strictly target 15700 Not valid above 15820. Updated in the status. Thanks
Trade closed manually: 13:54 Hrs / 5th July2021

Last @ 15824

Nifty dropped sharply to lows @ 15803 & bounced back above 15820 - Intraday 15820 is key level for the day.

Index trading in the zone 15820 -15830 is no trading zone.

Negative bias for the day is valid only if Index falls below 15820 else this idea becomes invalidated.

Manage the risk while trading. Thanks
Comment: 14:35 Hrs / 5th July2021

Last @ 15822

Additional comment

Traders be careful - do not sell our key level dropped to 15800 from 15820 as Nifty can extend upside to 15850/15875 if fails to drop below 15800 next
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You didn't mention SL? (I'm in big loss)
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@DalalStreetTrader Abhishek is getting bribe to post this kind of trap messages. He is doing third rated job now a days. No proper analysis and sharing the open truth.
manojpobox similarRhino62112
@similarRhino62112, what kind of nonsense is this? Abhishek is a decent guy and always want to help. There is something called SL, if nifty went above 15820, why didn’t you put 10 point SL of 15830 and exited? I have been reading your reply since last call...basically you are doing gambling in the name of Abhishek. Who is asking you to take big trades? Bhai do some your own analysis...I have been taking his trades and exiting with proper SL. He is not a god that if he says that’s is only going to happen.
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ritwik5ingh DalalStreetTrader
@DalalStreetTrader, It is written here in simple English. "Not valid above 15820".
@ritwik5ingh oh I c. When he posted it’s not valid above 15820 man ? Please GO thru properly before supporting some one. He posted its not valid after few minutes. Then he changed the short level. He trapped snd got good benefits. God bless you and Abhishek
I wonder what's the use of posting after the move
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I can't find the link where you mentioned it but I clearly remember that you had mentioned that if Nifty does not break 15450, it will go to 15900, 16350 and 16750. Amazing analysis. I hope you don't stay away from Nifty analysis for long.
@spbhatt, HDFC idea - Mentioned about Nifty Target achieved at 16350
Hi Abhishek, good morning!
Awaiting your Nifty Analysis.
Pls ignore the unnecessary trolls. Those are gamblers.