Learning about Exponential Moving Average

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
EMA full form is *Exponential moving average*. you can google this for detailed explaination and formula.

I use 30 week EMA for my stoploss that means, the length chosen is last 30 week on weekly timeframe .
if you are using daily timeframe you can use 150 Day EMA (as 5 working days for week * 3o weeks).

NOTE- The length choosen is not an fix and not compulsory for use. i use this length from trader whom i follow. Try and backtest different lengths (EX. on weekly-12,30, 40 and on daily-21,50,150,200) use which suits your style and pace

TO SET EMA ON YOUR CHART- choose Timeframe as W (week)
1. Go to indicator and strategies on top of chart
2. search Exponential moving average select first inbuilt option
3. Set length as 30 click OK.
Now you are ready to use.