Hi Traders /Investors,
One of my followers , requested to put some light on the movement of this stock. So here is for you and most traders , investors who are the part of this stock or interested to trade and invest. See first what is going on in this stock for long term structure basically this is now making range lower side has already been made now it is finding its upper side. From where when it will give break then boom in next phase. Range means accumulation of long term move . It will take few months to complete this process . So for investors it is not right time to invest in this stock .Therefore, investor should wait . Now come to traders , I made red color channel In last trade it took support of lower end of support zone and crossed small upper zone It means it is ready to go up to white upper band of zone. But with condition since in last session made big candle which disturb risk reward ratio better wait price to come in small red zone then take buy position with the sl of big candle low. This would be good strategy. On breaching lower channel lower line is ok if price gets back to channel in next 30 mins if not then long should be covered. Lower red zone is taken out then trend will change to down. No long till price come in small zone. In any case next session price move up without coming to small zone then let it go no long please. Many followers are writings how inspite of given conditions , they get trapped into emotional trades . I appreciate their sharing because other co-traders will learn from their mistakes. That how trading can be adopted.

Note. All trading and investing should be done with the consultation of your financial planner. Not on my sharing . I can be wrong.