Large Caps ready for a move!

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
1. Maruti Suzuki :- Monthly chart, consolidating below 3 year old neckline

2. M & M :- Monthly chart, Just below 2018 highs made during auto rally in 2018

3. Reliance :- Weekly chart, broke out of consolidation few weeks ago after having a super run in 2020.

4. L & T :- Monthly chart, Broke out of 13 year old channel.

5. HDFC :- Weekly chart, New life high after breaking out of narrow range

6. ITC :- Monthly chart, moved out of tight band around 200. ( Usually stocks reach Life highs after such tight movement )

7. ICICI Bank:- Weekly chart, Made a new life high after crossing resistance created by 3 strong rejections.

8. Axis Bank:- weekly chart, forming a Tight range just below previous life high. Expecting a strong move as the Life high is critical level because multiyear breakout fizzled out at that level.