The price can be fall in downward by using EW, NIFTY 50.

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Do you ready for correction in NIFTY 50?

The Wave (iii) almost moved into the "Ride Extended" wave. The price expecting correction(fall) very shortly after completing wave(iii).

In the Corrective-Phase, you have 3 patterns:
  • 1. Flat,
  • 2. Zigzag and,
  • 3. Triangle.

I've applied here "(CHANNELLING)" which is one of the techniques to determine the upcoming direction of the trend:
  • 1. Target Price: 17338
  • 2. Target Price: 17174

For more confirmation, the retracement is useful here to decide wave (iv). Within a few hours, I will update RETRACEMENT on this post.

I don't suggest trading without understand the "Wave counting trade setups".

------- My Previous post was Successfully predicted as usual: --------

Thank you.
Comment: I ll update here exactly Selling points shortly.
Comment: Fall is started
Comment: New update with levels :
Comment: First target has been achieved.