NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Greater fool theory states that the price of an object is determined by irrational beliefs and expectations of market participants.

Bull market will run until the last fool has bid up the price of a security up to its maximum price.
Once done,there are no greater fools willing to pay more for the security.
Therefore, the bull run is over and the index must decline.

Now coming to today's analysis , I have drawn a key resistance level on the weekly chart
Also to note is that the body of the candle is becoming smaller & smaller leading to a doji .

Hence in the present scenario, & as per the theory - i will wait in the side lines and wait for market to decide
Obviously the momentum has reduced , hence wait and let the market show us the way.

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Excellent analysis ,

Please post more ,

Genuine educative posts are very few

you are a gem of a person

Kindly put out more charts

Looking for more educative posts
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That is very high praise

thanks for the compliment

i shall try my best

though there are time constraints
I am not a fool :)
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MAYA_MUMBAI stocksinboxx

"it takes courage to make fool of yourself ".....

...Charlie chaplin
stocksinboxx MAYA_MUMBAI
@MAYA_MUMBAI, that's true.
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Could you please post on this chart.


actually i was inspired to write this post after your comment on kinnari post

hope you understood this post

any doubts - you can ask me...

This post is not to make millions but to protect the billions.

hope you will inspire me to write more on posts like these