Will nifty take support and pullback?

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Here's a question that stands out in everyone's mind :
Will nifty take support and pullback?
If the answer is "YES", then how much pullback will on nifty?

The Supportline of the channel is already followed the 4 times.

Before the answer this Question we have analyzed deeply GAP theory.

Gaps appear more frequently on daily charts , where every day is an opportunity to create an opening gap. Gaps can be subdivided into four basic categories:

  • • Common gap
  • • Breakaway gap
  • • Runaway/ Continuation gap
  • • Exhaustion gap

In the nifty chart, Runaway GAP already has already created. THE current GAP is not clear.

There's only a 35% chance to pullback at 11200 over the nifty .
I will write here how little chance to recover before one big fall.
As per my experience and analysis, we are going to see till big fall before any pullback.

I am sure that, we are going to see more GAP in the coming days.

Here is analysis of DOW JONES 30 US:


BANKNIFTY: (Enjoyed)

NIFTY given for short selling:

Long term view was for nifty:
Trade active: Breaking, i was -ve and break down seen


Wonderful, really nice work.
I think if this fall continue we might see one or two candles below channel and than pullback as world market is still bleeding and yearly + Q4 results are awaiting.
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@MukulModha, Both your idea and my idea come in a lot of matches.
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MukulModha Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, Thank you, your views and chart on BNF pls.
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@MukulModha, Ok I will do soon.
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MukulModha Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, Thats great, will look forward for your detailed analysis , action and trade plans.
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i have bought nift fut March at 11950 loss of 76000 HOLDING it
what should i do is there possible chance of recovery
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In a non-technical sense there is only one hope for a pullback in world markets India included.
If there is news of any break thru in cure for Corona virus. This can get explosive on the upside.
Can the charts capture this in advance? If so what do we look out for? Thanks for your analysis anyway.

Cheers have a good day!!
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@fromkolkata, You also know that sudden events such as news, natural or unnatural horrible things, etc can not predict or guess in advance though out the chart but, Each effect of investors or traders by sudden events are covered in the chart which we can find out easily. One more thing is clear here, This fall is not the only reason for CORONA VIRUS. This virus also not dangerous compare to all other virus if you check records of all other viruses. The market never follows continues single reason.
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Trade active for what target please?
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awesome idea
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