Fractal world - are linear tools applicable?

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Before I continue any further, let me add a few words about myself. I had been researching ;time' and its application on stock markets for 8 tears now, and I call my solution 'timewave'. I have already shared in a separate post that the current downfall in Nifty will end on Tuesday 27th Dec. I am damn sure you will be amaze at its accuracy!

Alright, so main topic...

Einstein postulated that time is not linear and instead is ‘curved’. Its curved by gravity . Stronger is the gravity , slower is time and vice versa.  If you want to travel to future, theoretically its possible. All you have to do is to take a spaceship, go near around a black hole where gravity is strong, but be careful enough not to be sucked in, so that time slows down for you significantly whereas for those living on earth it keeps on advancing at a high rate. And then later you come back. People of your age will be much older than you now, your children will also be older than you, and may be you and your grandchildren will be of the same age, depending on how much time you spent near the black hole! In a way you have arrived into the future! Of course building a spaceship which can take you near a black hole is near impossible.

Watch this video, 7 ways to time travel:

If in any case you are thinking that Einstein theory was just a theory, wait a second, check this out:
8 ways you can see Einstein theory of relativity working in real life:

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Watch this interesting video over weekend:

Einstein's theory of relativity made easy:


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