NLC India - Flag pattern, Bullish formation

NLC India is in a flag pattern with a consolidation zone, so give an entry with appropriate Stop loss after the breakout from the zone


***** It's just for an educational purpose and so you must also follow your own technical analysis before taking up the trade ******

Aggressive traders enter at the breakout and conservative traders may give entry after retracement (Retracement is optional, we cannot expect every stock to take a retest after the breakout, it may also continue to have its bullish pressure after the breakout)

After reaching our targets, trail your stop loss to get maximum profit from the stock in a single trade


Holding from 64 . Hopefully get to see these levels.
@sohamdey76, Hopefully, waiting for its breakout, but the market always has its own strategies. So if it moves against our strategy have a strict stop @58 ie;10% approximately

But if goes as per our strategy, we can get more than 30 to 40% (the length of the previous pole)
Hi as of today's update, still in the consolidation zone. The Bollinger Bands are narrowing more. RSI moving to 60 . let's hope for the best.