1. Today we'll discuss another company which is NMDC LTD
2. Today Date is 05-09-2021.
3. Currently stock is trading at 154.60 which is shown in candle chart.
4. There are two Technical Targets. First one is154.60 to 186.70 which is shown in image above, which is approximately 20.70% gain. Second Technical Target is 210 approximately, which is also show in image, second technical target is from 186.70 to 210 is further approximately 13.82 % upmove gain. which mean if we buy at lower price then approximately total gain of both technical target will become approximately 37 %.
5. How much time it takes to reach target, according to my analysis, it takes maximum 4-5 months.
6. Last quarterly result which is June Month (2021) is highest ever and company have net profit 3186 cr .
7. CWIP of company also increased which is mentioned in balance sheet . CWIP means Capital Work in progress which represents costs incurred to date on fixed assets, which is still under construction on the balance sheet .
08. Company is almost debt free.
09. About company:- NMDC is India single largest iron ore producer and involved in exploration of wide range of minerals including iron ore, copper , rock phosphate, lime stone, dolomite, gypsum, bentonite, magnesite, diamond, graphite , beach sand etc.


10. Only invest 3 % of your capital in one stock, Please don't ignore this rule because we are investing our hard-earn money here so risk management is best part of trading.
11. We never sell stock in loss.
12. We are investing in equity share.
13. Patience is the key in equity, sometime great company went down that is the opportunity to buy these companies because we know they will come back very quickly.

Disclaimer:- I'll post here stocks analysis for educational purpose where We can learn. This blog, not a recommendation of stocks buy or sell.