NMDC - Investment Idea - Bouncing from support / Target - 180

Scrip: NMDC
Current Trade Rationale : Bouncing from Support zone of 140-150
Setup: Investment Idea, More position can added in zone of 75-100 (In case of market sell-off),

Target - 180. More positions can be added at lower levels. So do not put all the money in one go, buy 50% now.
if able to ride the momentum, close the position on reaching target. If get lower levels of 75-100. Add to the position.
If lower levels of 100 come - Revised Target would be 150.

This is an investment idea for 3-6 months.

Please take a note: I am not a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor or Analyst.
Please trade and Invest based on your knowledge and risk profile.