Sunday Prep 10/10 - $NQ/$QQQ Need to make Higher Low & Clear 15K

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
This chart obviously looks very similar to the $ES. We briefly breached the 14400 level but quickly reclaimed it. But since then the push back into the underside of the 20d have shown strong resistance. And is it really any surprise? You have the quarterly/annual/monthly stacked pivots all in that same area as well as the psychological 15k level. What I would like to see is a pullback, put in higher lows and then a push back above 15k. If we can do that, then I would look to see if there’s some follow through on Tech names. If we start to lose the recent lows, then I will start to look for lower highs and possibly some short setups. If we blast through 15k without any real from the bears then I would be looking at the monthly pivot at 15370 and quarterly at 15445 as areas where I would expect to act as near-term resistance. Above that we have this 15500s level, from where the selling started.