Nexus Last Barrier Chart Analysis (93% Target Mapped)

BINANCE:NXSBTC   Nexus / Bitcoin
NXSBTC (Nexus) managed to slowly creep above EMA10 and EMA50 and is now facing the "last barrier"...

Prices stopped just between EMA100 (0.00002370) and MA200 (0.00002485), this is also our "decision point".

As soon as Nexus ( NXSBTC ) moves above MA200 we will see strong/rapid growth, but below this level, we get consolidation until the next try.
We remain bullish as long as the low hit on 30-Jan. stays intact.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, it is my pleasure to help.

Comment: Weekly chart.
Long-term profits potential from current price (0.00002326) to ATH (0.00097500)
Comment: (55%+ of Profits generated... ENJOY)


ENTRY: 0.00001975 - 0.00002135

TP1: 0.00002332 Hit
TP2: 0.00002500 Hit
TP3: 0.00002750 Hit
TP4: 0.00002920 Hit
TP5: 0.00003100 Hit

STOP: Close 4h candle below 0.00001800

DATE: 10-Feb. 2020 | 2:30 PM GMT-4.

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