OMI looks super bullish to me. Will hit the $0.02 range before December 2021 and the $0.03 range before February 2022.
Trade active: Seems like it is retesting 0.5 fib level. The next bullish move will set it to $0.085 levels.

Small updates in the Targets:-
- $0.08 range before December 2021 starts.
- $0.02 range before December 2021 ends.
- $0.03 range before February 2022 starts.

So, December will be the month for the big OMI movement.
Comment: 1st Target ($0.08 range before December 2021 starts) still looks achievable. Sideways movement is a solid indicator of the wild accumulation phase. Expect the unexpected. 🤑
Comment: all Targets delayed by 1 week
Comment: Still Bullish af on OMI ⭕🚀🌕
Comment: all Targets delayed by 3 weeks
Trade active: $0.013-$0.014 between 27 JAN - 31 JAN, 2022

Then expect a golden ratio correction.