PNB - Intraday / Positional

Here, is a potential short setup.

I'll go short on PNB tomorrow , only below 145, if it stays above it, no trade entry.

If it's below at 144, I'll go short :

A part for intraday,
where I'll keep 1 point stoploss
and target according to movement.

And the other part for positional,
where stoploss would be 151 ( 7 points ) and
target 132 ( 14 points )

Risk Reward :: 1:2

P.S. If you're buying options , go for 140 PE . Don't go below that.
But beware of risks of options, only for pro traders who understand it completely.
Trade active: Went short 144
CMP - 140.8

Trade is going very well for me !

I hope you guys entered ! And made good money .
Trade active: 140 PE value doubled from 1.6 to 3.2 . Good money today !!
Comment: See its still above the line. Taking support. Don't add to your position.
Trade active: Intraday position closed at 139.75 .
Positional trade active.
Comment: 140 PE, doing well at 3.25 . Holding.
Trade active: Keep holding shorts for tomorrow with trailing SL .
Don't initiate fresh longs .
Fresh shorts would provide a lesser RRR now.

135 would be a good place to book partial profits from positional trade .
Trade active: Yesterday we risked 1 point and gained 4 point on that.

Now for people doing positional bring down your stop loss from 152 to 145 now. So now even for positional we are risking just 1 point. Keep booking minor profits along the line.

Have a good day !!
Trade active: CMP - 138.1 .
I HOPE YOU are in with me.
140 PE - 4.2
Trade closed manually: Sorry, I have been busy with things, so didn't and can't update my positions anymore. Hope you were able to trade the setup well.
Comment: Forming a channel, watch for the breakout above white line. Chart closed for me.


@dravya Hello sir,

When stock is start falling from top to bottom and if I want to short on intraday basis than I should have follow the your above method (support and resistance lines)or some other factor must be considered.

thank you
Mahendra Singh
dravya mpslko
@mpslko, hi ,
You can have any strategy , the point is it should make money for you , not once once or twice but in the long run.

Support and resistance trading isn't easy as it seems.
mpslko dravya
@dravya, Sir how i should implement positional short as on above chart positional short and positional target (I am learning on the equity cash ).
dravya mpslko
@mpslko, You call up your broker and ask how to do short-selling. And then you can implement this.
AMBRISH dravya
@dravya, You can update whenever you have time.
dravya AMBRISH
@AMBRISH, Will do in new charts.
@vanathi , I post stuff like this, with actual strategies which can be implemented as a trader. unlike yours, where it's more of a show off. there's no queestion of jealousy, lol, I am not here to become top author like you. I am here to help people trade and not post useless common sense stuff to impress common public. I know you will disagree but it is pretty visible what's going on. You are not in my league , then how can I even think of you as competition.
good one... missed to enter..
dravya Jay03
@Jay03, No problem, next time :)
A very good call sir.