PNB - Wake up or V-Cup with PNB@148-149

You want to Wake up or take the V- cup - your choice. It has retraced 50% of the rise from 132 to 164 at closing price for the day @148-149.

The zone of interest 148-149 was shown in previous post which was travelled today on account of dalal street bleeding for the day & PNB cracked below 157 updated early morning@08:11 Hrs - 3rd Aug2017. Travelling again & again in the zone 157-158 (We need to pack our bags) - after an idea was published as shown below - we changed as markets wanted us to do so ( after all trend is your friend)

What Next ?
As I always say - never hurry in the markets ( There is a saying very commonly used by all of us - "He whose mouth has been burnt by hot milk even blows on buttermilk when drinking it!" )
So, wait let market show interest then we take interest. we shall look for a cautious bounce if markets support the initial move holding above 145-146 Zone.

Once you have taken the V-( Victory) cup - It will boost you for solid performance next.

Note- Try the V-cup on your own risk.

Fire with Cypher@157 - I turned upside did you -- I dumped as well in time, did you ? - react with a sonic speed if you want to survive in markets.

Bat was sitting in the cup - It is scary!

Triangle be the mother of shark - 159 to 149-146 (Took a longer path but the destination was reached)

Trade closed manually: 11:02 Hrs 4th Aug2017

Last Price@149.55

Bounced from 148 & I woke up at time for 151.90

Closing the update. Thanks

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This analysis look awesome today :-) exactly within the range drawn!