PotCoin Is Moving... Patience Is The Key To Win (Trade inside)

BITTREX:POTBTC   PotCoin / Bitcoin
PotCoin ( POTBTC ) is one of the old-timers of the small cap. altcoins, available for trading on Bittrex since 2014.

Recently we published a trade and profits hit up to 68%... These are great profits yet this is is literally before the beginning... See it here, the profits potential is huge:
(If you want to look at PotCoin long-term and the FULL TRADE click the chart above).

Now, looking at the daily timeframe , the main chart above, let's first call our attention to MA200 (black line on the chart). We looked at this indicator many times in the past few weeks and used it successfully to gauge the potential of a pair.

When prices are trading above MA200 while at the same time trading low (check the long-term chart), this tells us that the doors are open for very strong bullish moves.

These MA (Moving Average) are really good, notice how yesterday's candle stopped exactly at EMA200... We can use this to find resistance levels as well.

PotCoin is very likely to continue growing... but remember that after any move there is almost always a retrace... So make sure to think deeply and have a very good plan/strategy before you trade.

This is Alan Masters.

Comment: Beautiful, enjoy the profits.
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