Quantstamp With Over 111% Potential Profits Mapped

BINANCE:QSPBTC   Quantstamp / Bitcoin
We are now taking a closer look at QSPBTC (Quantstamp), which has been growing steadily since hitting a low in 28-Jan.

This same low hit in late Jan. was also hit back in Aug. '19 giving us a "double bottom".
With prices moving pass EMA50 (magenta line) on increasing volume , this signals that Quantstamp is ready to grow.

The RSI is really strong and we are looking at a 3D (3 days per candle) chart, so the signals here are stronger than the daily (D) timeframe which we normally use.

The MACD is also looking good.
All the signals are in... The targets are clearly marked on the chart.

Buy, wait patiently, sell on target to collect profits, be thankful/grateful and move on.
This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Trade closed: target reached: TARGET:

1) 0.00000155 |Hit 6-June (+18%)
2) 0.00000175 |Hit 10-June (+34%)
3) 0.00000195 |Hit 11-June (+49%)
4) 0.00000230 |Hit 13-June (+75%)
5) 0.00000265 |Hit 13-June (+102%)
6) 0.00000305 |Hit 14-June (+133%)
7) 0.00000333 |Hit 20-July (+154%)
8) 0.00000370 |Hit 22-July (+182%)
9) 0.00000480 |Hit 30-Aug. (+266%)
10) 0.00000545 |Hit 2-Sept. (+316%)
*) 0.00000618 |Hit 2-Sept. (+372%)

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