Breakdown in Quickheal

Their Japanese Subsidiary has been desisted from JAPAN, as it was the loss center for the group.

~ Market is punishing this brutally.

Best thing for us in this, is that we have entered in the right time, i.e., even after the 17% fall, we are having around 45% return from this one.

They have strong new age product to be launched this quarter, In India & globally.

But This may continue to fall further for some time. Hence, I would suggest you those how are holding this to take out the initial investment. & let the profits be invested.

As per the technical levels, It may fall till 204 or 174 levels. (When market will be fearful, then we will take advantage with these funds!)

based on the performance in the next quarter we will then book the remaining profits or again reinvest in this one. (This is what did today)

~Also, Word of caution : Midcap & Small Cap looks week now.
from over stretched stocks try to book some profits.. market may get choppy from here. (also when 3rd covid wave is around the corner)


thanks for the heads-up.. some overbought stocks seems to be cracking and might be correcting a bit... I think 3rd wave here may not be that severe as 2nd or as panicky as 1st
IIMA_Brat manilkumar73
@manilkumar73, Yup this is an healthy correction. After 10-15% correction we can again see the next lag of run. Till then It wise to not to react to market & just our winning stocks (or partially book the initial capitals, if you don't have the cash).

& once this blood bath ends. Be prepared to re-deploy these additional funds to quality stocks! :)
manilkumar73 IIMA_Brat
@IIMA_Brat, thanx
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