Next Move

There is high likely it will make one more move up , One can wait for daily reversal in order to Take position in Cash and book near Forecast
Comment: Surprised with the Move , ha ha

Thats how it works , We entered at 99.00 and it made low 98.50 and then bounced strongly
Comment: its moving up as positional trade one can hold it , stop would be recent low
Comment: You know me I am shreeKrishna

You should have a Faith on Professional , Not every one has a Guts to post talented Charts

We are booking our holdings form 99 to 107.50 we are 2 lots and holding one lot for next move
Comment: We booked our Future contracts at 113.00

From 99 to 113 was 14 % price move and 14 Points per lot

Next Education Batch starts from 1st Jan 2022

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