All the reasons to Buy Reliance Tommorow. (Swing / Intraday)

Looking at the past record Reliance has always fallen before making a new high.

Nifty made an all time high on Aug 3 and crossed 16150 levels. This gives a confirmation that there are new buyers and the downtrend has stopped as Reliance has the maximum weightage in Nifty .

Looking at the new deals and products that Reliance is coming up with it will definitely cross 3000 levels or more.

Currently Reliance is sitting at a breakout zone mentioned in the chart and taken support from 50 Simple Moving Average and has given a closing at the breakout.

Reliance is also sitting at a long term trend line which started from 450 levels.

RSI levels are also increasing on multiple time frames.

The Levels are marked in the Chart along with the breakout zone you can use the support resistance to enter or exit according to your own risk appetite.