SBIN - History repeats - This time Box repeats 315 to 276- Fall

We all know history repeats but look the box repeats.

If Nifty Index pushes upside as expected to 9880-9920 Zone then likely SBIN also could push to the resistance zone of 285-287 Once it starts moving above 279. Later, if you see, it is getting resistance between 285-287 then look to sell for targets 275 -270 with recent high as stops which will be formed in next few sessions.

Selling with Deep Crab in 300-320 Zone
Trade active: 11:45 Hrs 16th Aug2017

Last Price@279.20

Nifty is Struggling - Keep a watch as nifty starts moving above 9800 - SBIN starts moving above 279- can push to 285-287 zone.
Trade active: 19:19 Hrs 16th Aug2017

Last Price@283

Above 279 went close to 285 - Day High@284

Trade active: 09:44 Hrs 18th Aug2017

Last Price@277

moving in line as expected. jumped to kiss the target zone 285-287 - went to 285 & the fall down to 277
Trade closed: target reached: 11:39 Hrs 31st Aug2017

Both the Targets were reached - 1st upside to 285-287 & then fall to 271- close to 270.
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