RS/RSI/BB/ Confirmation

Idea is to find cinfirmation from the Indicators for Trading ,
Indicators mentioned above in the title show us clearly about the Breakout happening in the stock, Note : these indicators also gives us a idea about where the stock is how it will react in near future.

RSI : RSI nifty give us clear indication where stock is heading with its strength visa vis Nifty , how stock is performing with the nifty movement
when trend line if nifty with the indicator is above 0 it shows stock has some strength and will react with volumes,
when the RS is below 0 , it shows stocl has lost its strength in the market.

RS : RS 14 days goves us again a signal for Strength of the stock.

Bollinger Band ( 20 Days ) with 0.6 Std gives us clear buying and selling indication of the stock in the market.