Siyaram Silk 1.5yr Cup and Flat Handle Breakout setup

Suggested by @monkmaxims
Most Textile sector stocks are breaking out of their bases. This is setting up in a flat base for 6 months on good volumes (Monthly chart shows ATH volumes).
Hopefully we'll see a breakout soon.

Moving along with sector.

SL: Depending on your risk appetite: Below Weekly BO Candle / Below Daily BO Candle / 50% of Weekly BO candle / Below 20DMA
TGT: After a 10-15%+ vertical move, breakdown of 20MA on Hourly chart (on a daily close basis)

Never ever buy before 3PM. I have been burnt many many times.Try to buy between 3:15 - 3:30PM, later the better.

Selling in Profit:
Sell earlier in the session when the prices are higher, around 11AM.

Selling at SL:
Give your stock a chance to recover by end of session. If it doesn't recover, sell anywhere between 3:00 - 3:30PM.

Note: I reserve the right to be wrong.
For educational purposes only.


Thanks man. The chart is really clarifying ! Appreciate your inputs ! This belongs to the poddar group which also own balakrishna industries .
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raavigeorgian monkmaxims
@monkmaxims, I remember their tagline, 'Coming home to Siyaram.'
monkmaxims monkmaxims
@raavigeorgian, Thanks man for your chart which helped in my conviction ! i had only done fundamental analysis.
it shot up nicely today !!
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raavigeorgian monkmaxims
@monkmaxims, That's great to know man!
monkmaxims raavigeorgian
@raavigeorgian, Blowout earnings by siyaram !! more than doubled their profits and EPS QoQ !!
EPS 12.43 vs 5.98. Topline 33% more than Q3.
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raavigeorgian monkmaxims
@monkmaxims, Thanks man!
Gd Call. Been watching this stock for a few days. Shows great promise in the short term. Results on 27 May. My targets: 269, 297. Btw, I like your Note :)) Just let us know when you wish to exercise the right to be wrong.
@punterpk, Thanks man! You could let me know the stocks you're watching and feel they show great promise. I could post a chart analysis.