Target 1 (17%) achieved in SPARC. Target 2 is ON...

This is follow-up on Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company ( SPARC ). Can check link to related ideas.

Target 1 achieved. More than 17%. Target 2 is ON.

Chart is self explanatory. Entry, Targets and Trailing Stop Loss are mentioned on the chart.

Disclaimer: This is for demonstration and educational purpose only. This is not buying or selling recommendations. I am not SEBI registered. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any trade.


mandeep sir, good chart pattern. Rohit jain this side, plz contact me on my no 8700754557 if you can
MandeepSinghKohli luvrohit1984
@luvrohit1984, Hi Rohit, if you are on Twitter then just DM me...
hi sir I am following ypur chart pattern it is really good...but do you think this small and mid cap stock hovering at max level...I still feel mid and small cap will correct by 15 to 20 percent
@gulfcoming, 10 to 20% correction is always possible as mid small cap have give 3 to 5x return. I trade what I see and not what I think. I have my SL/Trailing SL and I know they will come. I am always ready for that as my system has good risk/reward. Trading is just good technique, psychology and risk/reward...
Hello Sir, you are providing great charts. Thank you so much. Any screeners you use to identify them please?
@achandran81 Thanks...🙏 I don't use screener. I have my excel sheets of max stocks with levels which I constantly update based on market moves...