Strides Pharma (Star Pharma) - Bullish Structure Intact

  • Strides Pharma has consolidated horizontally since May'2018 to August 2020. (nearly 15 months)
  • It has given a breakout in August 2020 and since then sustaining the price above the previous consolidation area.
  • Recently it tested 594 and made a Wolf Wove Analysis Pattern where clear entry was made at 602. (please refer this pattern in chart below in comment)
  • It looks like stock is completing its Pullback structure of recent breakout move.
  • If price sustains, it can be a good pick for positional buy trade. Those who bought at 602 (on Wolf Wave Analysis) may remain in trade.

Comment: Monthly Chart

Comment: Weekly Chart
Comment: Daily Chart
Comment: Wolf Wave Analysis - Hourly Chart
Comment: Wolf Wave Analysis
Entry was at 602.
Target was 700+
So, Wolf Wave Analysis Pattern Target is already achieved! Bust stock looks good on higher time-frame too and more churning can be made in it.