Using Fibs and basic indicator for STEEM/BTC

After it break the channel from 9k satoshi,
followed by latest Fibonnaci Spiral. acting as a potential support and upcoming resistance.

So far it's pretty bearish movement for Steem/ BTC with Fibonacci resistance fan after being rejected by 200 EMA but looking at Indicator such as RSI , Stochastic RSI and Macd seems give me a signal that it's a good time to accumulate.. notice a small buy momentum begin to appear in Macd and lower level of RSI also Stochastic RSI .

will it hold 8k satoshi line or fall further toward 7k satoshi? who know what might happen especially if the crypto that didnt have big liquidity as top 10 cryptos anything could happen, especially during btc dominance is rising could affect most of alt-coin , in my opinion it's a good time to accumulated toward this level.
please feel free to share what your thought/idea about Steem/ BTC .