Will 3 White Soldiers dig STON out of its Grave?

NYSE:STON   StoneMor Inc
After the 3 black crows put STON in its grave on 9/15, a hammer showed up and the market tested its bottom for 3 straight days (the number 3 in Japanese is magical) confirming support. Confirmation to enter the trade was on 9/22 when the security gapped up from a spinning top the previous day from a close of 2.02 to an open of 2.04. STON continued to gap up today from a previous close of 2.09 to today's open of 2.10. Most notably todays high of 2.22 was also the high on that bearish day on the 15th that put STON in its grave. For STON to continue its bull run it needs to close above 2.21 which is prior resistance from the end of May to the beginning of June. Once, and if this trades past 2.43 this will fly straight to 2.70+. Sort of a macabre security but sales surely must be through the roof.