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A pole and flag like pattern is forming and on bigger time frame price is positive & slowly moving up if it has to go up to confirm flag & pole then it may reach 1100-1120 levels in coming days;
price took retracement at 0.23% level and sustained just above it so for tomorrow
1074 above 8-12 points move can be expected & 1062 below 1055.55-1050/51 levels
if ranges in between 1055-1067==> avoid
and any of the three scenarios can form
=>Black line: price going for flag& pole
=>Green up: price will retrace and go up--> high chances
=>Green down line: price can get rejection and fall from level and test support.
Trade active:
1083.30 below price can fall to 1079.70-1072.70 levels;
if goes above 1095 on 15min then 1098.45-1100 levels can be seen 1100 a psychological round level if breaks then another 5-8 points move can be seen or if takes rejection then fall of 8-9 points can be seen.
Trade active:
price formed doji and reached levels as mentioned in chart so can be sideways 1092.15 above 1096-1100 levels can be seen but wait for 30mins to sustain
1083 below 1080-1078.25 target levels can be seen
can go up and close down or vice versa
Trade active:
at important level if has to go up then should close above 1087
setup for tomorrow is 1065 below sell for 1060-1st target then 1053 if takes support at 1065/1060 the can initiate a buy for 5-7 points
1078 above 1085-1087.80 target can be seen
1072-1078== avoid
Trade active:
a support trendline at bottom and hammer candle formed so a small buying can be seen.
1040 above 1045-1st tgt then 1050 level can be seen,
1022 below sell for 1015-1st target & then 1008 next level.
if first candle is big red & goes near 1014 or below wait for support candle to form for buy or 1st candle low break for sell.
Trade active:
price is weak & i'm expecting a small retracement/fall
1048 above long 1050 can be immediately seen as trendline at top if sustains above it then another 3-4 points can be seen;
if takes rejection at 1050 then can sell for 3-6 points.
1038 below 1034.35-1031 can be seen but if takes support near1036-1035.45 then can buy for another 1042 level. can stay in range tomorrow for 6 points & once price sustains above trendline then a big move will be seen.
Trade active:
can show a fake breakout any-side and move in opposite direction 1040 above sustains for 30mins then 1045-1050 level can be seen & if taking a rejection at 1044-1049.80/1050.15 then on red candle sell for 6-7 points target or more,
1025 below sell 1020-1018.70=1st hurdle of support if breaks it then can fall further till 1015.35 level max as trendline at bottom so can take support.
Trade active:
falling wedge price took support at bottom & psychological round number level
1000 below more fall 1stly of 6-7 points then more fall, but can fall a little & reverse is expected as per higher timeframe pattern formation.
1014 above 1019 level if sustains there another 3 points can be seen,
Trade active:
1020 above 1023.65-1024.20 tgt level
1012 below 1010.40-1009.35 target if breaks then 1006.65-1006 next target level
Trade active:
price can come to fill gap and test levels so 1033 below 1030=1st target then 1027.
1040 above 1045 target if goes up further then trail.
Trade active:
can take pause or continue momentum 1051 above buy for 1055=1st tgt then 1057
1040 below sell for 1036-1034.45 then 1032-1030tgt levels
Trade active:
price action says a negative scenario if breaks n closes below 1027 then sell for 1023.50-1021.75 tgt level if goes below it trail or book as per risk reward
1036.60 above 1040 then 1042.1045 many hurdles at be cautious
Trade active:
price took support at important level 1010, so what that means from here price reversal or price can continue fall & on any day if closes below 1000 then a big fall can be seen as per pattern formation. There's a trendline at bottom which price is respecting so what can we expect 1010 below a candle closes then 1007-1006.45/1005 can be seen then 1000. 1018 above 2-4 points target can be seen;
i'm expecting a continuation candle & price support at psychological level 1000 if breaks the panic sell off will be seen which can be big & if takes support reversal can be seen.for monday once price can show 1007 level & a retracement then fall or continue momentum.
Trade active:
negative scenario on bigger timeframe & price can fall more as per my observation 52week low should get tested by next 30days.
scenario for tomorrow is can open flat/gap down, if flat open & goes down then continuation fall can be seen till support level tests.
price can fall till 958.45 if breaks it too then 953.60 next 946 is next target, Avoid buying if want to buy then can do it for small target of 3/4 points not more only at support level on good buying candle.
Trade active:
953.60 above 958.45 tgt if goes above it trail
935 below 929.40 tgt if goes below then 921.65 next tgt then 912.
a upmove & then fall
Trade active:
price was falling continuously & took a rejection & 0.23% level retracement done price is sideways to negative now & range is 940-966.
966 a resistance & 940.25 a support, 946-961 range for tomorrow a fall can be seen.
Trade active:
Quite a couple of things can form in this scrip if 956 breaks then fall till 953-952 level can be seen and will activate inverted flag & pole & more fall can be seen,
if sustains above by small fall till 953 then reverses & crosses 960 then a \/\/ pattern can be seen &960 above sustains for 30mins & candle closes above it then 975 level can be seen,
but for monday 965 above 969-973 tgt level can be seen
956 breaks then 953 immediate target if falls further then trail
Trade active:
inverted flag and pole pattern is still intact if tomorrow sustains above trendline then inverted flag&pole pattern will fail as flag will become more than 50% of pole so can form a little negative pattern. For tomorrow below trendline if price goes=for high risky traders then sell for 4 points & safe traders can wait for 961 level break for sell 959=1st tgt then 956.35 to 953/952 level can be seen
965.45 above 969.30-970 if goes up further then trail
Trade active:
price broke trendline & closed below it but formed double bottom on 30min timeframe so if flat opens & goes up little to 965 & rejection candle forms sell for 960 immediate target then trail if falls, if candle closes above 965.35 on 15min timeframe then buying for 967.45-968.20/969 tgt can be seen
if flat open & goes down 954 below 952 immediate tgt then 950 can also be seen
NOTE: Inverted pole & flag will fail if 965 above candle closes on day timeframe or price can give a fake break & continue falling.
Trade active:
traded in small range if breaks low of 956 then 953.40 then trail
if 961.60 above 15min candle closes then 964.40 tgt
Trade active:
2things to form here 1:price breakdown to touch 935 level or below
2: price to fall a little till 940 then reverse for forming a W pattern
tomorrow if price goes below 945 below 940 immediate target can be seen, if price reverses from here then a buying can be seen for w pattern forming confirmation,
if goes below trail.
for buying wait till price sustain above 953 for 958.45 level.
Trade active:
945.20 a support if breaks then 944-942.15 level will be seen
953 above 958 tgt level can be seen.
Trade active:
price in a range and at important zone if breaks 959 then 957-953.35 level can be seen and if at any time breaks 964.45 then 967-966.50 tgt level can be seen.
Trade active:
price is holding the position and can reverse from here by forming a "W" pattern
so to do it has to sustain above 971 and closes above it.
for tomorrow if 963 below 15min candle closes then 961 immediate tgt can be seen then if goes below it 957 is next stop.
for buying let price sustain above 967.30 for 969.10-971.30 tgt level can be seen.
Trade active:
2 Scenarios 1.w pattern formation confirmation, 2.break down to test 52 week low
if price breaks 957.70 then 954.25-953 tgt level can be seen if falls below it then trail & draw a trendline at bottom on 30minute timeframe & if price goes below it trail as per your risk reward.
buying only above if price sustains above 965 then 967-968/970 tgt level can be seen.
Trade active:
966 below 962.50-961.20 tgt level can be seen
971.80 above 976 tgt level can be seen
Trade active:
976 a resistance possibly for tomorrow 961/960=a support zone
967 below 965-964.85 tgt level can be seen
974 above 976-978 tgt level can be seen
if breaks a resistance then can move up a little then can fall or may continue move.
Trade active:
On daily time frame price is forming a w pattern & on weekly price is negative & on hourly basis there's a trendline at bottom if price breaks it then fall can be seen & it will confirm inverted pole & flag pattern, so for Monday 969 below 967-966 tgt then if falls further can trail till 965-963.45 tgt can be seen
974 above 15min candle sustains then buy for 2-4 points tgt level can be seen.
Trade active:
price on daily timeframe came down & filled the upper wick of previous candle so tomorrow a pause candle or a continuation can be seen & in last 30mins there's continuous fall so tomorrow can continue the fall.
971 below 967.15/966/965 tgt level if goes below it then trail till 961.
976 above 15min candle closes then 979.15/980 tgt level can be seen.

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