TATA GLOBAL - Long Position

Retraced to almost 61.8% of the rise from 16th May to 15th June

- Targets= 278/284/289/295/303 ( futures prices July contract)

- SL below 252 closing basis ( futures prices July contract)
Trade active: Long position since 28th June @ 264 (futures prices July contract)
Comment: The 1hr chart stochastics, Money Flow Index and MACD are looking good for the long position. Plus the price action is going upwards consistent with my customised Probability range Levels. Shall hold as a positional long.
Comment: Highest Open Interest addition is at 260 & 280/290/300 (spot prices). These could form the basis of setting SL & Targets for the next few days. Writing a put @ 260 may be a good idea.
Trade active: Holding long position
Trade active: Added to long futures position
Trade active: Target 1 = 278 achieved
Comment: 278 is the July contract price in futures
Trade active: About 14 points per lot = ~Rs31000 per lot. My long position has multiple lots. Good trading day...
Trade closed manually: Closed all lots @ 280 for about 18 points per lot = ~Rs 40,000 per lot.... shouldn't get too greedy!!
Comment: Shows good signs of rising but no more long positions till the dust settles after the AGM. Market makers may have pushed the price up with insider information and there could be a sharp retracement in the days following the Agm