If I am not missing anything then here is the two scenarios.

If it doesn't fall from current level and touches 171.9 level, then we will wait to short(after reversal move) near 178/9 level with sl 185. 05 and target 124.
If it falls from current level we will look to short after clear signal with sl 179.9 and target 124

Thank you.
Comment: no reversal here. Closing the trade.
Thank you


what happend dongi baba , did it reverse ??
BB cant work in sharp uptrend
@Hiten512, actually I just use it for support and resistance in bigger picture, I do not use any indicators while trading, not even volume.
@Hiten512, Leave it , Let him sell it even with reversal let me see how long he or she will hold it , they think that they know everything , Just wait and watch , There are more people having an vivid imaginations , So enjoy it , dont rise the Objections because you will miss the lessons of others mistake
@I-Fund-Trader, whats wrong with this guy? @French_Fries @mklives lol. You guys know me better, why he even taunting me for? when did I say I know everything? And talking about my imagination, did you find my waves useless? I mean why so much hate and for what?
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Hiten512 yogi_sharma_elliottician
@yogi_sharma_elliottician, Chill bro,he was just told his opinion not hate for you
@Hiten512, I am chilled, but hope you read his first sentence, that's not an opinion. @I-Fund-Trader for you I will only request, please do not spread hatred or don't be cynical to anybody, in the end only thing matters is love, compassion and how much you're humble and generous to others. Be humble as much as you can. peace brother. Wish you lot of success.
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MAYA_MUMBAI yogi_sharma_elliottician
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mklives yogi_sharma_elliottician
@yogi_sharma_elliottician, he thinks he is the king and i have seen his trades too. he has a foul mouth..and he mocks at peoplr when they dont get their tades right..there was a time when he got screwed in yesbank and he used harsh words..some people never grow up..haha..

everybody has a way to trade.. and every body makes and loses money..
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@mklives, I don't know why he commented in such a way on social forum. Anyway, I know my analysis, and I believe myself. Mocking or degrading someone is not my work. Wish him success. And we will get back to our work. Cheers :)