My Intraday Strategy

I have a very simple Intraday strategy which works really good. I would like to know your comments, advice or any faults you think my system might have, do paper trade this before actual trading.

After market hours I scan stocks in the 15 min time frame to find out which stocks have broken above or below a range of say 20 bars behind. Meaning from last 300 mins range of the stock and a break above or below that at day end.

After seeing the breakout I generally see the volume with which the stock has broken the range either above or below and the closing price at end of the day. If the volume is above average till the end that gives me an idea that the probability of the stock moving in the direction of the breakout or breakdown is more at the next day opening.

RSI or the relative strength index plays a crucial role too. In case of a breakout the RSI should be nearing 70 and ready to cross it from below ie sloping upwards. In case of a breakdown RSi should be sloping downwards and ready to go below 40-38-35 levels from above.

When these three factors come into play, I decide the price at which i will keep a buying stop order in case of a breakout and selling stop order incase of a breakdown and place the order after premarket close ie at 9.07am. I immediately place my stops as soon the market takes my orders.

I will wait for 45mins to an hour to see if my trade entered is moving or then i exit at CMP .

Youll can see from the ideas that i have published that mostly i do get good quick trades. except todays HDFC bANK which isnt going anywhere.

Please let me know your feedback!