TITAN , for a week !!!!

900 +++
Comment: so , your titan is flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment: now at 871 around (as told in charts ) so time to reduce position!!!!!!!!!!
Trade active: keep eyes on 872 , once crssed ...biggggggggg moveeeeeee
Trade active: so do you know the levels when i commented to look at .. it was "872"
i entered again and exited at 890 as of now , well will enter on monday if crosses 888! lets see
Comment: gap filled , so now what to expect !!!!!!!!//
900 / 920 or even more !
Trade active: tomorrow again may be the day of titan ! looking at todays upmove , and the stock respected 886/900 and breached it , stage set for the upmove to continue for 940 zone !
Comment: results tomorrow... so stay cautious !
Comment: not booking your profit is a mistake !