Time New Bank Easily Breaks EMA50, Aims At EMA100 Next!

Time New Bank ( TNBBTC ) is moving easily above EMA50 in what appears to be without any resistance... If this continues, you can expect TNBBTC to hit EMA100 next (0.00000047 | +23%).

Additional targets are shown on the chart.

For easier reading of my charts, I use the same colors on all charts and will maintain this throughout the entire next bullish wave.

Blue dashed lines are for support.
Magenta dashed lines are for resistance/targets.

The curving lines are the exponential moving averages (EMAs).

  • EMA5 = Orange.
  • EMA10 = Green.
  • EMA50 = Magenta.
  • EMA100 = Blue.
  • EMA200 = Orange.
  • EMA300 = Gray.
  • MA200 = Black.

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