Ultracem - on the way up?

Conservative investors could wait for the inside candle to cross 3725. More adventurous investors could straight away go long. I have gone long. The 3 line Break and Renko on the 30 minutes chart are also looking good.

SL below 3630 Immediate Targets around 300+ points from present price to about 40000. Cement is quite volatile so a trailing SL is a sensible plan. Presently the SL below 3630 makes for a pretty good risk/reward ratio.
Apologies for this cluttered chart but I wanted to pack in as much information as possible.
Comment: Breakout from inside candle position
Comment: 30+ points per lot up since my long entry... hoping for another 50 points rise...
Comment: Going up beautifully. Its all about candles... the quickest way of seeing where the price may be going. Of course - the interpretation has to be correct.
Trade closed manually: Closed @3767... shall trade again depending on expiry price action