One drop before take off ( Possible Expanding Ending Diagonal)

When any scrip is analysed , it should be noted and understood before forecasting its next move ,

in My view it has one small drop on current structure basis and then you can expect Next impulse leg up as wave 5

This one visually represents its expanding its structure as its being moved , So it could end up possibly

Expanding ending diagonal which will mark as Impulse wave 1 Based on HTF

One can look for positional trade and can wait for dip to occur for proper entry

And Look to book near the forecast
Trade active: when i posted this on Jan 09 , like my friends and pinky they called i might have missed my projections and like they ware telling me to check my self

and today they are have taken stop loss , I am enjoying my short sell trade in Futures ,

I only told them time will give answer ,

so far we are in the short trade from 4700 and the winning points so far is 300 points

sorry for late update , as i was stuck with some other works
Trade closed: target reached: we are updating it as target reached , as we made exit
form 4700 to 4200 , we booked 500 points per lot in futures short selling
Comment: i am updating it , this how the entire crowd works , when i posted this the crowd was talking about 6000+ as target i was the only one who posted this as short sell

and now i am the only one who is going to tell that its ready for up side move

wake up people , its time if you want to make money the answer is here