FX:USDCHF   U.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc

We have a downward 5 Wave Impulse complete; this is a WAVE 1 and now there is a Correction forming;
This Correction has Wave A comeplete and Wave B is forming; we need to verify the Wave A and B in the Lower Degree;

So here We have explained Wave As subdividions Wave A is a 5 Wave upward Impulse Wave B is a Triangle and Wave C is a Ending Diagonal ;

Here we have Wave B forming now in the downward direction; Wave A is a Leading diagonal Wave B is a Zigzag and now Wave C is forming

So here the WAVE B ends and now we wil encash the WAVE C which will be an Upward Wave;

Here Wave 3 is a Zigzag ( Zigzag is also an Impulse) hence

In Wave B we have a Wave A which is a downward Leading Diagonal ; Wave B is a upward Zigzag ; We see Wave B has retraced Wave A by 93.93%, hence as per the rule of Flat Wave C has to be a downward Impulse;

So then Wave B retraces Wave A 38.2% hence from here starts the WAVE C which will be an Upward Impulse

We have 2 Trades here One is a SHort Trade and then where we have the Target of the SHort trade we have a Buy Trade from there;

Long Trade