OANDA:USDINR   U.S. Dollar / Indian Rupee
USDINR finally printed an Evening Star kind of pattern,
taking resistance of a downtrend channel .

Not in any trade this week as I was not very clear with my view.
Now, will take the trade tomorrow, based on price action,
will try to execute bear call spread and will try to sell on a bounce if I get one.
Trade active: Got a bounce to enter
Trade closed manually: Closed with 11% profit yesterday, didn't take risk of holiday


Going preety well as per your analysis. I find it hard to plot the trend lines in futures since it is very choppy and missing candles. How do you choose the option levels looking at the futures??
NeelamN prakashgd
@prakashgd, Thank You ! The answer lies in your statement, future doesn't print the entire price action, hence, not following that for options is the right choice. Spot chart is this one which I follow and select options as per levels in this chart
I hope this answers your question...
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Too many dotted lines , Can you help mentioning them.
NeelamN rajusahu1989
@rajusahu1989, Yellow Parallel lines are following channel... blue dotted line is the median of that channel. There are 2 parallel channels drawn.
White inclined dotted line is long term trend line coming from all the lows of monthly candles... I hope this clarifies your doubt...
@NeelamN, Thanks, and green dots are target?
NeelamN rajusahu1989