USDJPY- Possible Triangle since 98.78 Lows

FX:USDJPY   U.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen

It could be high possibility that USDJPY could be tracing out a triangle which has done its blue a-wave (internally divided as w-x-y wave) & similarly blue b-wave (internally divided as w-x-y wave) similarly blue c-wave is currently running & likely completed w-wave & x-wave-- running internally into y-wave which will complete blue c-wave

In blue c-wave-
Y-wave can achieve equality target as of W-wave which will take UJ to the zone of 104.50-104.75- post that it can start blue d-wave but blue d-wave will only start once it gets resistance in the desired zone of 104.50-104.75 & starts falling or remains under that zone.

Abhishek H. Singh, CMT

Trade active: 21:48 Hrs 2nd Oct2016

From Bottom@100. 08 - It's opening up as 1-2 Black & 1-2 Red Sequence which will complete 3rd Red at 103.40's -where it will measure 161.8% which is next in line above 101.78

Trade active: 19:28 Hrs 3rd Oct2016

The fall from 101.84 to 100.74 looks corrective so taking 100.74 as key support & rising trendline also to hold.

Any Move Above 101.77 shall take UJ to higher targets.

Trade active: 08:10 Hrs 3rd Oct2016

UJ is dividing into 1-2-1-2 sequence likely we should travel to the zone of 103.40-103.50's first. On larger degree its a triangle which is unfolding. Kindly Trade Using Your Due Diligence as well.

Trade active: 15:58 Hrs 4th Oct2016

We have a series of 1-2 Black Then 1-2 Red Wave & Now i-ii blue wave where iii-blue wave will complete 161.8% at 102.70-102.80's

We will raise our working stop slightly below 101.67 (3-5 pips below) for higher targets.

Comment: 16:02 Hrs 4th Oct2016

Sorry for wrong chart from Indian Markets
Trade active: 16:04 Hrs 4th Oct2016

We have a series of 1-2 Black Then 1-2 Red Wave & Now i-ii blue wave where iii-blue wave will complete 161.8% at 102.70-102.80's.

We will raise our working stop slightly below 101.67 (3 to 5 pips below) for higher targets

Trade active: 14:06 Hrs 4th Oct2016

Typo Error - level mentioned in chart - 101.67 instead of 106.67
Trade active: 20:45 Hrs 4th Oct2016


Likely Internal iii-wave looks to complete at current highs@102. 87 - I shall be looking for the corrective sequence which should get support in the zone 102-102.10 zone & complete iv-th wave of the series.

Also do your own due diligence & confirm at your end.

Trade active: 22:05 Hrs 4th Oct2016

UJ just made sharp fall but only till 102.62 lows & bounced back - so likely we will go short only now below rising trendline & that too only for 102.00-102.10 zone as lasrger trend is upside & I am looking for 103.41 as target zone where red 3rd wave is 161.8% on 1st red wave.

Trade active: 15:08 Hrs 5th Oct2016

iv-wave was sidewaays pattern -its heading up for target zone of 103.40-103.50

Trade active: 17:56 Hrs 5th Oct2016


UJ turned from 103.20's -we should give that much leeway - looking down for UJ down in 4th red wave -102.60 could be first support & later if extends down then look for 102.00 -102.10 zone
Trade active: 18:05 Hrs 5th Oct2016

Look for trendline break-then we will have 4th wave down

Trade active: 19:45 Hrs 5th Oct2016


Neatly drawn trendline helped me to see this 5th wave up from 102.90's to 103.50's. We are now close by to complete 3rd red wave & sooner will start the 4th wave down.

Trade active: 19:59 Hrs 5th Oct2016

UJ is all done in the zone 103.40-103.50's -got slightly extended but be careful - we are close to start a retracement in 4th wave.
Trade active: 20:50 Hrs 5th Oct2016

At lowest degree - The fall of UJ from current highs@103.59 is corrective -so we will look one more push up & then fall again may be from current levels or from 103.30-103.35 zone- Push can be seen up to recent highs of 103.59 or little higher.
Yes we are close to start a fall in red- 4th wave but after one more push higher

Trade active: 22:12 Hrs 5th Oct2016

From highs of 103.59 - price still looks corrective to me & yet one more new high shall expected but before that it will fall in the zone 103.30-103.35 & then a push up again to make a new high
or it could be a triangle but surely new high cannot be denied. Look for a push above 103.59 or push from 103.30-103.35 zone
Trade active: 23:05 Hrs 5th Oct2016

A-B-C correction happening from top 103.59 likely looks down till 103.30-103.35 & then push up & fall again

Trade active: 00:30 Hrs 6th Oct2016

As suggested above 103.59 -we shall look up -so it has started. Final Wave -5 measures 61.8% of 1-3 Wave in the zone 103.85-103.95 that's it for the day & later going below 103.45 -we will look to sell UJ

Trade active: 00:55 Hrs 6th Oct2016


Alternate Count - Trail your stops at 103.50 -if taken long above 103.59 - because going below 103.50 -likely it will fall to 103.30-103.35 & then Push Up & fall later.

Trade active: 08:30 Hrs 6th Oct2016

Good Morning to All,

As expected overnight from India point of View- Expected UJ to fall in the zone 103.30-103.35
Made a session low@103.35 -upper edge- Likely one final push expected in the zone 103.75's & 103.80's if goes above 104 -then we can expect 104.15-104.20's but be careful-post that there will be a fall to the swing low of 103.30-103.35 & going below that look for 102.70-102.75

Trail your stops to the current lows of 103.34 -if target is not achieved of 103.75-103.80 then do not hurry in trade either let it break below 103.14 for targets 102.70-102.75

Trade active: 12:20 Hrs 6th Oct2016

Trading@103.55 -Made Session High@103.65 -Once if it crosses -we will see 103.75-103.80 zone
Happy to pick UJ right in the bottom of 103.30-103.35

Trade active: 13:33 Hrs 6th Oct2016

Close to target zone of 103.75-103.85

At 103.88 - UJ achieves 61.8% of 1-3 wave distance- likely objective

Trade active: 13:45 Hrs 6th Oct2016

Trading@103.60 - Let us take 50 % profits & hold rest with cost price of 103.35
Trade active: 14:12 Hrs- 6th Oct2016

Trading@103.60 -Recent High@103.73

Book all profits@103.60 if traded long at 103.30-103.35

Prices looking to start down move.
Trade active: 16:12 Hrs 6th Oct2016

UJ looks like started a fall below rising trendline & finished 5-wave series 102.72 - It's time again to kiss that same level with strict stops above 103.75

Trade active: 21:34 Hrs 10th Oct2016

Good Session on NFP Day -7th Oct2016

130 pips from 103.90 to 104.15 then 104.15 to 102.85 & again running with 102.85 -longs for 104.40-104.50 - in all it will be 280 pips

Trade active: 21:38 Hrs 12th Oct2016

Excited as I made 550-600 pips in all in the complete leg, which started from 101.50-101.70's when it was identified first.

Last explosive legs were 104.15 to 102.85 & 103.20's to 104.50's

Trade active: 23:19 Hrs 25th Oct 2016

UJ is almost ending c-leg of the triangle at 104.87 highs- in last attempt we made 160 pips

The fall from 104.87 is impulsive & very sharp- we will take any long positions only above 104.90- if it goes above that level. Going below 104 will confirm that UJ has put top at 104.87

Best Regards,
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Hi Abhishek,

Please advice GBPUSD can we buy now or wait

Tomorrow NFP @7th Oct2016 shall give new low to GBPUSD & it will likely finish its fall & start a new rally upside.
excellent charting thank you.
Welcome but always use your due diligence as well. There are lots of guys who blame others for their losses. I mean to say the financial markets are very risky & one has take trades depending on their individual risk appetite. Just Sharing My Thoughts. Not personally for you. Regards
Thanks Abhishek cheers and have a nice weekend.
Same to you.