[Basket] Vedl Cyclicity Bet

As per charts and discussion.
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At the current price its take 4 times support from current price and give near to 100 to 200% returns in the mid to long term. See the all 4 support was done by the share price when this is a story only related to metals and company in the big debt but after merging with Cairn India, the company now have two parts of business first metal and second crude oil. We all well knows that the company produce 12 lacks per barrel a day production of oil from Jaiselmer, rajasthan. The down in share is justified keeping in view reduced demand of metal and down of crude oil price. But after PMI data released from China and industrial production also start after opening of lockdown due to coronavirus. Its a good news for metal sector and now second good news that is upward move in crude oil after Agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia and now crude oil price start on upward moves. Happy investment for all at the current price but its beneficial for long term in which can see your investment will raise to 200 to 300% keep note i am long term investor and share my 35 years experience in the market.
Looks to be double bottom on Monthly Chart. RSI oversold too. May be wait for 60 levels if we get gap down.
Sir some time no wait for 1 to 2 rupees is justify to add for long term . As and when i start buy than buy continue on daily basis for next 30 trading days .Tomorrow i will start to buy with 500 shares and continue buy for the next 30 trading days.
Yes It is a good level to buy. Any gap down today is a good opportunity to enter with SL @ 55. Stock is forming a quasimodo setup.