Cost of Ignorance is always high ( If U think education is cost)

Well most think the cost of education is high , they talk all kind of things in their life without having proper education system and they end up paying cost of ignorance

The above message should open your eyes , if you have to make a decision in your life those decision must have complete knowledge ,

Most often people start talking about that is too high this is too expansive , so on but you all must be thankful to your parents they made a decision to educate you

and give you a meaningful life the way you like to grow , and they never thought the cost of education the same is true in the every aspects of life

Getting an education in finance also a meaningful and worth before venturing in to the financial investments and their prospects

in today s world finance has become key to every kind of needs and success, so why not learn the proper way to handle it , all it takes few hours of study and efforts of knowing where you want to participate in the financial investments

I am just posting this update because i have received so many request for joining the New Course , they are welcome to join , mean time few have sent the message asking for professional services , friends you dont have to hire professional analyst as your capital is not more than 1 Million dollar , i want you to get educated so that you dont have to ask anyone ,

Make a best use of the training course it will help you to grow your health in finance and your next generation can also benefit form it

Regarding scrip , i was looking for reversal but seems its due for one more flash drop or compressed drop in price wise

You can look and see how Wave C , 5th wave has extended by it self to another 5 wave, where you will find the wave 4 of extended wave is side ways pattern , and its about to end its Wave A as Prime cycle

You will understand slowly but studly

Good luck



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Great example of Elliot Waves in practicality. I have a doubt though - the final 5th wave, as extended wave mentioned by you seems to complete its course as per the chart you showed (the point where all - 5, v, c meet). So don't you think, the main correction wave will start now (as the 1-2-3-4-5 wave is complete)? Please advise as i am new to Elliot Waves and still learning. Thanks again.