#Oct16 - Voltas (intraday+swing) - Ascending triangle

Follow the levels provided below:-
  • Buy above 676
  • Sell below 671

  • Avoid the stock if a big gap up or gap down is seen
  • Enter after the breakout happens and not before it
  • Do not chase the market, i.e., do not get involved in late entries
  • Only enter with strict stop-loss and target
  • This is not a recommendation and is for educational purposes only.
  • always follow risk-reward and quantity management for the 100% of the times
  • The above mentioned idea may not work, so beware of the risk you are taking

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sir it just opened gap up and faced resistance on top your prediction was right but how to know before if it would have opened gap up
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@JINIT181, Nobody can predict the market 100%. But you can do it like 60%.

How?? News.
80% gap ups are due to news or due to global markets.
So following news can give you some understanding of the upcoming gap ups and downs.

Why did voltas open gap up??
Because govt banned imports of air-conditioners. And since voltas is an air conditioner related company, they reacted to it by giving a gap up.

Hope you understood all my points and thanks for asking the question. Do look into all my analysis and do ask relevant related questions like this.

I will be happy to help you.
Happy Trading!!
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@FAHEEMSAM, thank you appreciate u replying back.