Voltas intraday trade idea for 24th Aug

#Voltas entry and exit levels on the chart (refer black/blue lines). Place SL@0.5% of the entry price. Zones (if present are in pink/orange) are the places where it's unsafe to enter. #INTRADAY
Trade closed: target reached: Good short trade seen even being the bullish day on index.


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@Redfox44, mam, pls check the today's behavior of voltas and check if the SL would have hit or not, you need to very sure while making support and resistance, that should be the basic of making SL. It's for intraday only, infact I would have gone for 0.25% as usual for voltas but due to increased volatility from last few days i have doubled the SL point here. As of now I can see short trigerred at 979.xx levels and touched 963.xx level without hitting SL.

If you still don't get the idea behind this chart, then let's not waste each other time and use it productively somewhere.