Voltas Ranging Market

Explaination mention above -:

I am bullish above 565 level . Firstly ,let the market to prove us that this stock has some bullish momentum .
we can't buy right now because the picture isn't clear . we will only buy above 565 for intraday purpose till 585 level.
because we can see minor resistance at 565 .
As you see last trading session it make hammer candle stick pattern . we solely don't trade on that candlestick pattern, so please wait till 565.
Trade closed: target reached: Like i told you yesterday we will buy this stock if it hold above 565 i shorter time frame . But i didn't expected this will cross 565 . our target was somewhere around 585 but at the end of the it made a high of 581 . i know we didn't reach our real profit target but still this is pretty good move for intraday .
My personal Trade was i bought at 565.30 and my first stoploss was 562.30 and last stoploss was 559.60. Half of my position i covered on 576 because of previous resistance was there and half of them 579.
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