Excellent Buying opportunity for a swing trade in Wipro .
Reasons -
1) Rsi Taking support at 40 . (Those who follow Unconventional RSI of 60/ 40 can understand this) Weekly and Monthly Rsi above 60.
2) Making a Hammer candle on the daily chart can be a reversal sign.
3) Stock at strong Support level CIP at 527.
4) Buying only if on Monday stock opens above 531. SL will be 527 on a closing basis. Targets will be 550 and 560 for swing.
( Good Risk to rewarded trade with very small SL can be good profitable trade)
5) Grandfather / Father / Son strategy. Based on RSI and swing
6) Results are going to be on the positive sign for this quarter.

Share your thoughts in the comments to know more about CIP/ RSI strategy and if any doubts.

Trade closed: target reached: Hurray....... All targets achieved if you have bought on my recommendation pocket your profit or carry 50% positions with 580 SL
Trade active: Add Wipro today at current Levels 667 SL 657 Good RR ratio.
Comment: Trail your SL now to 670 We will not lose in this trade now.