To LearnTechnical analysis: Learn facts &train the mind to think

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To learn Technical analysis , Learn the facts associated with market & train the mind to think twice.

The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability is a skill and the willingness to learn is your choice. No nobody compels you. Anyone who take breath can learn things. Every experts you see in this world, once they were beginners.

Every day is a learning day, the world is a university and every one is a teacher, and make sure, from every piece of information you get something to learn, then you will learn little by little. Be a rigorous observant. That is how complex things are working.

Only thing you need to understand is that the complexity of the subject you want to learn is very important. Say an example like cooking, suppose you want to learn. Get a recipe online, and collect your ingredients from the market. Make it, you are done.
You want to make it tastier??? Ask someone who is good in making that, with the guidance, you definitely can make your delicious food. I am sure about it. My life taught me this lessons.

But when you want to drive a car, the subject is changed, definitely you can’t go for a distant education program. You really need a real world scenarios with a good vehicle and a good Master guide to assist you. Then one day you can be a master or a kooker :D.

Maths is different. Complex engineering branches are far different. Science and human psychology is different. Art & commerce, then financial instruments, they are all entirely different world.
Individual capacity to take the risk and the emotion associated with it, is very very different.

Learning technical analysis is bit a complex dynamic ever evolving ever changing idea like knowing the real object from its shadow…. How can you make sure it when that, a real object, if is coming in a different costume???
For the example here, Nifty is like a deity, some time coming in a genii’s costume. Nifty an index is a composite of 50 stocks from very different sectors. The real world is far behind you.
Now coming to the learning part, you need a constant effort, regular practice and a never dying hunger a passion to get hold the spirit of it.

Don’t do the mistakes, trying to learning it from a two line chatting or from a 10 page email. There is no short cuts or it and no any cheat sheet working here.
Know want you want to learn, there are many methods, different approaches and a wide range of instruments trading in ,and a verity of tools to check them, So get connected to the people books and material associated to you interested arena. Start one by one, little by little, day by day, piece by piece and the core of it. Learn it every time. Then Come to the real world and see how it matches in live market. Make a trial and error approach every time. And finally when you finish you will be able to predict the market perfectly. And you know what would be your grade?? Forget your grade you didn’t start even. Like a testimony, I will say mine. There is always 50:50 chance my prediction come true.Even after a 20 years of follow up studies, and I am still learning lessons from the market. Now am free, I don’t need to learn a hard way anymore, market will teach me lesson every day, I just need to be calm and watchful carefully.
Because the market is supreme and no one can term it with in two line. It move its own way, as it likes. You better can follow the trend, and go with the market. You will be a successful trader investor one day.


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padiyara ZubairAkhtarChaudhry

This is not a lesson to Learn TA, but a notice

for the people who is trying to learn TA from chat forums.
I thought it is important for me to put it in my postings,
as i am the one who is wasting my valuable time for unwanted issues.

So please Bear with me if it troubles you. I will try to avoid such situation ahead.
Ka55m1410 ZubairAkhtarChaudhry
@ZubairAkhtarChaudhry, pls learn to respect others
Appreciate very much.
Good post
Will you please suggest good books for learning ?

I suggest you to start youtube channel (in Hindi if possible) for ta education.
padiyara jacktheGREAT
@jacktheGREAT, Thank you, if some one ask something, it is a general comity to give answer to it, but every time it is not possible.

Suggesting a book in TA to someone is sometime like suggesting a nursery rhyme to a Phd student, or some time the other way around.
if you want to learn TA, you must have the basic ideas about the stock market, must know the chart reading, or the line, bar, candle sticks,
and then there are many indicators, it go on enlarging and enormous. One cannot suggest anything unless he know the requirement and level
of the person demanding it. It is like treating someone without knowing the illness, symptom or diagnosis.

So asking vague question is not useful to get the answer. For books, please google yourself for your interested arena, you will get plenty of ideas.

Technical Analysis Explained: The Successful Investor's Guide to Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points
by Martin J. Pring, is a good book even recommended for professional certification by the Market Technician's Association.

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, by Robert D. Edwards, John Magee, W. H. C. Bassett.

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications by John J. Murphy is a famous one.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas N. Bukowski is yet another one to learn chart patterns.
That is it Ok?

suggestions are welcome, but that is not my approach and not my requirement.
padiyara padiyara
Thomas having his website you can check here too
People view share market as if it is making "instant crorepathi". There is no such easy way in trading/investing. You expressed your thoughts very well in this idea. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge here...
padiyara vanathi
@vanathi, Thank you very much.
This is not a lesson to Learn TA, but a notice
for the people who is trying to learn TA from chat forums.
I thought it is important for me to put it in my postings,
as i am the one who is wasting my valuable time for unwanted issues.

So please Bear with me if it troubles any one of you. I will try to avoid such situation ahead.