Bitcoin Moving Lower | 70% ROE on 8X Lev. Full Trade | IN

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
If you followed my recent trade ideas for Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ), you are aware that we were expecting this drop and went SHORT short-term. Multiple signals were pointing to a drop, namely:

  • BTC moving below EMA10.
  • Peak hit on the 6-Sept.
  • Bearish indicators.
  • Altcoins market time to move up.

You can see all the details by clicking on the image below:
Now, we are active with a high-leverage trade at 8X that can reach up to 70%+ ROE easily...
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This is for experienced/ advanced traders only... This is not financial advice.

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Thanks a lot for reading and your continued support.

Comment: Trade: SHORT XBTUSD [Bitcoin

Leverage: 8X

Buy-in: $10,333 - $10,150


(1) $9,900 -Reached 10-Sept. (+28.24%)
(2) $9,750
(3) $9,600
(4) $9,420

Stop-loss: Close daily (1D) above $10,500

Liq. price: $11,855
(Buy-in calculated at $10,250)

Potential profits: 70.48% ROE

Capital allocation: 6%.

Date: 9-Sept-2019 | 5:11 AM UTC-4
Trade closed: target reached: Still moved lower and hit our targets...


(1) $9,900 -Reached 10-Sept. (+28.24%)
(2) $9,750 -Reached 19-Sept. (+41.02%)
(3) $9,600 -Reached 19-Sept. (+54.16%)
(4) $9,420 -

Thanks a lot for the support.
Trade closed: target reached: Targets:

(1) $9,900 -Reached 10-Sept. (+28.24%)
(2) $9,750 -Reached 19-Sept. (+41.02%)
(3) $9,600 -Reached 19-Sept. (+54.16%)
(4) $9,420 -Reached 24-Sept. (+70.48%)

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